Thursday, 21 April 2011

Back home, sort of

The plan from Howth was to head to Newlyn, but as with most of our plans, thing change. We made such goo progress coming down from Ireland that we arrived at Lands end a few hours early, we caught a good south going tide but approaching Runnel Stone the tidal gate was firmly slammed in our faces, from 7-8 knots over the ground we went to 1-2 at times! In two hours we covered less than 5 nautical miles. But we were still ahead of schedule, and having motored though a foul tide we could take advantage of a fair tide to go around the Lizard to Falmouth.

The wind increased to around 10 knots so I unfurled the genoa and was able to make headway for about 45 wind until the wind faded again. I went to start the engine again, nothing! No sound from the starter motor, no clicking, just a couple of lights to show me that something was working. I fiddled with the wires for about 5 mins before the engine came to life, much to everyone's relief. We daren't switch the engine off until we were tied alongside.

Somewhere between Ireland and Cornwall we had picked up a short length of line around the prop, but a few minutes with the boathook got it off.

After a quick rest, and tidy up of Pixie, Dick Kirsty and I headed to the Chain Locker for a hard earned pint of Skinners Cornish Knocker in the warm Cornish Sunshine.

Dick decided as his work was done and we had reached our destination in good time, he would head home to be with his family for Easter.We headed out to a restaurant for dinner before retiring back to Pixie for drinks on board.

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